not really much to put here because there's not a whole lot going on here (yet?)
though, i care about privacy a lot, so i'm gonna respect you as best as possible




i'd rather impale myself on a wooden stick and have a constant stream of tomatoes juiced into my mouth while watching a garfield plush burn.


i try avoiding linking external stuff on this site, especially from corpos who absolutely DON'T care about your privacy
if i do link something, i'll use the link to the source page for the convenience of the majority, but i'll make sure you can know before going to it
if you don't want to access these sites, you should install extensions for privacy-respecting proxy sites


this website is hosted on neocities, who as far as i'm aware and concerned, are a respectful service
you can review their privacy policy and their source code if you would like to judge them for yourself
i bought the domain from porkbun, which seem fine idk they had the best price and made me chuckle

non-free javascript?

wow, you're enough of a nerd to care about that? that's more of a philosophical and freedom thing though
any javascript on this site should be librejs compliant, the whole site itself is libre software

whats up with the inconsistence e here

the e doesn't wanna comply, that's all. except the e is actually my brain. and apparently it's spelled "inconsistency"
if you find something that doesn't add up with this page, please let me know so i can fix it

fuck facebook

fuck facebook