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about me

A pure white humanoid boy with very fluffy light grey hair, and his face is only the letter C and a mouth. He is a humanoid embodiment of the letter C.

i'm a gay nerdy letter C who is bad at self description. i enjoy linux, webdev, pc gaming, security, privacy, foss, wearables/portables, obscure software nobody cares about, and probably something else i forgot to mention. i have reasonably acceptable levels of knowledge with html, css, javascript, liquid, lua, bash, batch, if you wanna count scratch then feel free. i have an unusual obsession with image compression, particularly with svgs. on some occasions i am described with terms such as "Humorous", other times the adjective "Strange" has been applied to me. i aim for a freaky fucked up mix of the two.

timeline (reverse chronological)

here's some things i've done:


something more, probably

VanillaTF2 Website

- link

a homepage and browser for Team Fortress 2 servers

Brodetic Alphabertson

- link


Crazy Chrimble Catastrophy

- link

a christmas adventure game, and a heartfelt expression of the self

Adwaita Mumble Logo

- link


Deck XP Boot

- link

Steam ctOS Boot

- link

Reference Detector

- link

a userscript to ensure you never miss a reference

Xenia as Linux Icon

- link


- link

a minimalistic AsteroidOS watchface



a userstyle for a defunct, which i spent a month on


garfield tpose that floats i guess

- link


the whole universe was in a hot dense state