adwaita mumble logo

it is a Well Known* fact that the mumble icon is very bad

the original mumble logo. it's a headset with the band shaped to look like both an M and a U. between the earcups is the letters BLE. the concept is for the whole name mumble to be spelled out in the logo. it's encased in a white circle with a uneven black border. the entire logo is black and white if you need more proof, here's an uncompressed inkscape project they serve on their front page

it looks like a logo made for a open source project in the mid 2000s. which, it is! so that checks out

doesn't change that it's like. really ugly.

why is the shading so weird? why is the band's width so inconsistent? why are the curves so sharp? why does nothing line up? why are the cups slightly transparent? why can you see the mic arm through the earcup? why is the border made up of like 5 different circles? WHY IS THERE A GIANT BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY IN THE MIDDLE

okay, so what

so i did something about it

my own version of the mumble logo My redesign of the Mumble logo. It's a headset with the band shaped to look like both an M and a U, but it is one uniform shape rather than multiple disconnected shapes; and the band is much more cleanly curved, rather than sharp and straight lines. There is no BLE. There is no circle encasing the headset. It has varying levels of depth. It's light blue. It looks like an icon for the GNOME desktop environment. There is also a symbolic icon, which is like a very small and simplistic version of the icon, meant for very small sizes. It is also a pair of headphones with a unique band shape, but some details are missing, like the microphone and earcups sticking out, and the shape is tighter to fit a smaller space.

i created this icon purely from scratch, following the gnome human interface guidelines, primarily out of spite from how much i dislike the original logo, and how much i really wanted something prettier to look at in my app grid

wowie that's so cool and epic, how do i use it

you can download the regular icon and the symbolic icon by clicking that blue underlined text you just read

as for actually using them as your icons, it should work if you place them in the following locations:

note that if you're using the flatpak, you'll have to replace mumble with info.mumble.Mumble

if that doesn't work, you might be using an icon theme like MoreWaita which already replaces the mumble icon. you'll have to overwrite the icon there

if that still doesn't work. uh. idk

also if you're on windows or macos i can't help you.

if you're really nerdy, feel free to download the source project and pick apart how i made it

* - nobody cares except me